Do NOT Call Me!

Have you registered your phone number on the National Do Not Call List but still receive telemarketing calls?

For some reason, the number of calls I receive on a daily basis has grown significantly. I don’t have time to file complaints.

I know that blogs are scanned for phone numbers and email addresses to sell. My way to fight back is to publish the names and numbers that call me, do not leave a message, or are clearly telemarketers.

Here is the first set of numbers:

925-439-8689 California
512-851-8666 Tx Assist
415-677-7886 California
701-204-7126 MNS
714-421-4226 NA
702-894-3265 Nevada
646-558-6686 Insurance Srvc
415-677-7886 California
818-989-7326 Living Spaces


Neat Place!

This is a neat feature of Google Maps… Put a Google map location into a blog and toss in the Street a View and Driving Directions as a bonus!

The maps and street view are dynamic. This means the zoom and scale functions as if it were native.

Put the code here.

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Blog Comments & Spammers

Bad cached ip?

“These are a few of my favorite things!”

I’m trying to add blog comments to one of the many blogs I follow and the spam control cop blocks me… It asks me to request authorization to post a comment. So I take a few minutes, fill out the request, and send it. Much to my dismay, my request to request access is blocked! The message states “bad cached ip”. Now that is the most descriptive, user-friendly error message I have ever seen.

I have no idea how to turn my bad cached ip into a good cached ip (if that is possible)… So instead of posting an amazingly brilliant comment, my only recourse is to vent my anger and frustration in my own blog. After all, isn’t that what blogs are for? 😬

Hints and Tips for the new Presentation Shortcode

I really like the new Presentation short code. Here are some time-saving tips if you use it.

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Which video do you like?

Take a look at all three videos and see which one renders the best.  Thank you!